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Australian freelance poker reporter, journalist, croupier, event manager and consultant.


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PMA Podcast S2 E9: feat. Kevin Mathers


“Landon’s passion, knowledge and drive to share what’s going on in the world of poker is delivered professionally, with great enthusiasm and desire to ensure the game is inclusive for all.”

DEB WYATT – Poker Manager, Crown Perth (2009-2015)

“Landon’s reporting and promotional skills are tremendous. His commitment to the game at all levels is second to none. Quite simply, Deaf Poker Australia would not be where we are without him.”

SOKONG KIM – Founder & CEO, Deaf Poker Australia (2008-2018)

“Often the hardest worker in the room, Landon’s passion for the game is rarely matched; his want to go ‘above and beyond’ is hard to ignore. I respect Landon, and most importantly, I trust him.”

PAUL KHOURY – Australian poker commentator and broadcaster


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