STRIKE A POSE: Landon in Issue #36 of Alexander J.E. Bradley’s poker magazine cover-inspired series, “The Circuit” in Las Vegas (2011)

Presenting a selection of Landon’s previous works, both written and visual, along with a comprehensive timeline of his poker industry career.

Please note: this is by no means an exhaustive list and will be updated from time to time, unless content was lost due to not being archived by current or previous media outlets.


Reporting Highlights

  • 2021 Royal High Roller Series – Royal Poker Club (Adelaide, AUS)
  • APT Brisbane Season 4 – Eatons Hill Hotel (Brisbane, AUS)
  • Southern Poker Tour “Tanunda Thunder” – Lambert Estate Wines (Agnaston, AUS)
  • APL Poker Tour Queensland – Southport Sharks (Gold Coast, AUS)
  • WPT League QPC – Gold Coast Turf Club (AUS)

Career Milestones

  • Establishing competency in data entry and tracking through Poker GFX during Royal High Roller Series and APT Brisbane Season 4 broadcasts.
  • Providing feature table commentary during Royal High Roller Series and APT Brisbane Season 4 broadcasts.
  • Hosting the third Auslan Poker Open at APT Brisbane Season 4.
  • Providing media coverage for the inaugural Southern Poker Tour “Tanunda Thunder” series.
  • Providing media coverage for the all-new APL Poker Tour Queensland series.

Selected Works

Poker Media Australia: ‘Damian Salas wins the (other) WSOP Main Event’

Poker Media Australia: ‘OZ POKER REPORT: Players given the royal treatment as epic summer of poker begins’

Poker Media Australia: ‘New year, new outlook as APT Brisbane kicks 2021 off with a bang’


Reporting Highlights

  • 2020 Aussie Millions Poker Championship – Deaf Poker Australia/Poker Buzz (Melbourne, AUS)
  • WPT League Quarterly Poker Championship (Tweed Heads, AUS)
  • 2020 MCC High Roller & Main Event – The Poker Palace (Sydney, AUS)
GAME ON: Landon (far right) returns to Crown Melbourne for the 2020 Aussie Millions Poker Championship. IMAGE CREDIT: NT Creative Corp

Career Milestones

  • Establishing a new freelance poker media and consultancy business on January 30.
  • Establishing a regular video news bulletin, “Cards Speak” (available to view on Facebook).
  • Blogging the first WPT League QPC series in Tweed Heads and providing video content and commentary for the Main Event final table (available to view on Facebook).
  • Co-creating and hosting the PMA Podcast (available to view on YouTube).
  • Consulting and co-creating content as part of the marketing and promotional campaign for Match Poker Online.

Selected Works

Poker Media Australia: ‘Charles Tsai wins opening Australia Poker Tour main event for 2020 as big names converge on Brisbane’

Poker Buzz: 2020 Aussie Millions Poker Championship coverage (Facebook)

Deaf Poker Australia: Special News Bulletin (Facebook)

Poker Media Australia: ‘Players a’plenty as Rauran Toye wins Gold Coast’s WPT League QPC’

Poker Media Australia: ‘Fit for a king: a new beginning for Sydney’s Poker Palace’

Poker Media Australia:Australian poker: post-COVID snapshot’

Poker Media Australia:APT announces first event post-COVID, says tables to be 8-handed’

Poker Media Australia:APT pulls pin on Gold Coast as rivals launch COVID comebacks’

Poker Media Australia: ‘Game is set for Match Poker with new app in development’

Poker Media Australia: ‘Ante up, mask up: WPT League introduces mandatory face mask policy at NSW venues’

Poker Media Australia: ‘Cards (up) in the air as NSW authorities ban all live poker games’

Poker Media Australia: ‘Poker leagues come together to fight NSW Police directive shutting down all live poker events’

Poker Media Australia: ‘Poker leagues publish new “Play Safe – Poker NSW COVID-19 Safety Plan’ in bid to resurrect industry’

Poker Media Australia: ‘Queensland: beautiful one day, poker the next’

Poker Media Australia: ‘Triumphant return for the APT in Brisbane’

Poker Media Australia: ‘South Australia leading the way for Oz poker comeback’

Poker Media Australia: ‘OZ POKER REPORT: Demand surges nationwide post-COVID’

Poker Media Australia: ‘COMMUNITY CARDS: Victorian poker finds a new home in Geelong’

Poker Media Australia: ‘Sydney’s Poker Palace ramps up the Christmas cheer’


Career Milestones

  • Adjudicated and broadcasted every Deaf Poker Australia (DPA) state championship tournament in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
  • Planning and management of the 2019 DPA Championship at Crown Perth, which was the most successful standalone series to date, generating over AUD $30,000 in total prize money.
‘ALL IN’ THE FAMILY: Auslan interpreter Dianne Prior and father, Peter Blackhall, who was Landon’s right-hand man for the 2019 DPA Championship in Perth. IMAGE CREDIT: Dimitris Zachiotis


Reporting Highlights

2018 Aussie Millions Poker Championship (Melbourne, AUS): Deaf Poker Australia (Facebook)

PUSH IT: Landon signs the action of the 2018 Aussie Millions Main Event feature table to the Deaf media contingent

Career Milestones

  • Managing a team of Deaf/HOH volunteers from Deaf Poker Australia, providing exclusive Auslan coverage for the 2018 Aussie Millions Main Event.
  • Planning, management and execution of the DPA X series at Crown Melbourne, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the DPA Championship, which included ‘Final Four’ live streaming and audio commentary.
  • Joined Party Party Casino as a croupier, travelling throughout greater metropolitan Melbourne to deal private and corporate fun casino events.

Selected Works

Video produced by Deaf TV Australia (YouTube)
Video produced by Deaf TV Australia (YouTube)


Career Milestones

  • Working with the WPT League in Tweed Heads to co-host the 2017 Deaf Poker Australia (DPA) Championship, which allowed for live streaming for the very first time in the organisation’s history.

Selected Works

Video courtesy of Deaf Poker Australia (YouTube)


Career Milestones

  • Working with Adelaide Casino again in hosting the Deaf Poker Australia Championship, this time as a standalone series.
  • Winning the DPA Open Pairs Event with 2010 Australian Deaf Poker Champion, Daniel Bachi.
WINNER WINNER: Daniel and Landon share the glory in the 2016 DPA Open Pairs Event


Career Milestones

  • Planning, execution and management of two Deaf Poker Australia major events at Crown Melbourne – the 2015 Victorian and DPA Championship.

Selected Works

Video produced by Deaf TV Australia (YouTube)
Video produced by Deaf TV Australia (YouTube)


Career Milestones

  • Assisted in the management and execution of the 2014 New Zealand Deaf Poker Championship at SKYCITY Auckland, the first Deaf/HOH tournament ever hosted in a casino on the other side of the Tasman.
  • Commissioned a new multi-person team poker format for Deaf Poker Australia – the DPA State of Origin – which debuted at the 2014 DPA Championship at Crown Perth.
CHAMPIONS ONE AND ALL: Landon with then Crown Perth Poker Manager Deb Wyatt, interpreter Adrian Chia and members of the DPA All-Stars team after the inaugural DPA State of Origin (2014). IMAGE CREDIT: Crown Perth

Selected Works

Poker Asia Pacific: ‘John Girvan wins 2014 New Zealand Deaf Poker Championship’


Career Milestones

  • Adjudicated the 2013 New Zealand Deaf Poker Championship at the Auckland Deaf Society and then presented with a special one-of-a-kind pounamu (greenstone) necklace in recognition of services to the Deaf community.
  • Planning and executing the 2013 DPA Championship at The Star Sydney, setting the all-time record for the number of entries (118) for an exclusive Deaf tournament in the Southern Hemisphere.

Selected Works

Video courtesy of Sokong Kim (YouTube)


Career Milestones

  • Planning, executing and reporting the at 2012 Deaf Poker Australia Championship at the Treasury Brisbane, implementing the event as a standalone series for the very first time and attracting Deaf players from New Zealand.
BRONZE AUSSIES: Landon with DPA CEO Nikolas Schlie and Founder Sokong Kim in Brisbane (2012)


Reporting Highlights

  • 2011 Aussie Millions Poker Championship (Melbourne, AUS) – PokerNews
  • 42nd Annual World Series of Poker (Las Vegas, USA) – PokerNews
  • APPT Queenstown Snowfest (NZL) – PokerStars Blog
  • APPT Melbourne (AUS) – PokerStars Blog
  • 2011 DPA Championship (Adelaide, AUS) – Poker Media Australia
SUMMER CAMP: The PokerNews Live Reporting Team at the Rio for the 2011 World Series of Poker

Career Milestones

Selected Works

PokerNews – 2011 Aussie Millions: ‘2011 Aussie Millions Event #5 Day 1: Daniel Ospina Mixing Things Up; Blanner Takes Gold in Event #4’

PokerStars Blog – APPT Queenstown: ‘Matau’s Beating Heart’

PokerStars Blog – APPT Melbourne: ‘Australia’s Shameful Slowroll’


Reporting Highlights

  • 2010 Aussie Millions Poker Championship (Melbourne, AUS) – PokerNetwork
  • APPT Sydney Grand Final (AUS) – PokerStars Blog

Career Milestones

  • Consulting with Queen’s Slipper Playing Cards in developing a range of plastic poker decks, as well as presenting a series of ‘How-to-Play’ videos of popular card games.
  • Appointed Editorial Co-ordinator for Shuffle Magazine, the official print publication of the Australian Poker League.
  • Joining Deaf Poker Australia as Tournament Director (later renamed as Director of Poker Operations) and adjudicating the 2010 DPA Championship at The Local Port Melbourne.

Selected Works

PokerNews: ‘Aussie Millions, Event #1 Day 1b: Jim Mastorakos Charges Ahead’

PokerStars Blog – APPT Sydney Grand Final: ‘This premiership’s no cakewalk’

Shuffle Magazine (APL): Issue #14, Spring 2010

Video courtesy of Queen’s Slipper Playing Cards (YouTube)


Reporting Highlights

  • 2009 Aussie Millions Poker Championship (Melbourne, AUS) – Bluff Australasia
  • ANZPT Adelaide (AUS) – PokerStars Blog
  • ANZPT Sydney (AUS) – PokerStars Blog
  • ANZPT Queensland (Brisbane & Gold Coast, AUS) – PokerStars Blog
  • APPT Macau (CHN) – PokerStars Blog
  • APPT Auckland (NZL) – PokerStars Blog
  • APPT Cebu (PHP) – PokerStars Blog
  • APPT Sydney Grand Final (AUS) – PokerStars Blog
THE TOUR BEGINS: Landon at the APPT Macau welcome party with Van Marcus and Celina Lin (2009)

Selected Works

PokerStars Blog – APPT Cebu: A slam dunk for Filipino sports fans’

PokerStars Blog – APPT Sydney: ‘If the shoe fits, use it’

PokerStars Blog – APPT Sydney: ‘A poker star in her own right’

Bluff Australasia – 2009 Aussie Millions Main Event: ‘Two men, two lives; one game, one goal’


Reporting Highlights

  • Enlisted as a contributor to Bluff Australasia Magazine, writing a regular column educating readers in dealing techniques and poker tournament rules.

Career Milestones

  • Commenced working for Pub Poker, dealing and managing tournaments throughout metropolitan Melbourne.
LAST CALL! Landon with the BCM Bar & Bistro crew for the finale of Pub Poker in Docklands (2009)

Selected Works

Shuffle Magazine (APL): ‘Pitch-er Perfect – dealing like the experts’ – (originally published in Bluff Australasia Magazine, 2008)


Career Milestones

  • Employed as a dealer and Tournament Director for Pokerama, organising and managing private poker events in Melbourne and Sydney.
THE REAL DEAL: Landon with the Pokerama dealing crew for a private event at Docklands (2009)


Career Milestones

  • Employed as a Tournament Director for the National Poker League (NPL), travelling extensively across suburban Melbourne and regional Victoria (Sale) during their foundation period.
PERFECT PAIR: Landon teams up with Andrew Polak during the ‘salad days’ of NPL Victoria (2006)


Career Milestones

  • Commenced dealing with Blackjack Nights, learning to deal Roulette, Two-Up and Poker, as well as working at numerous private and corporate functions across Victoria.
  • Involved in early trials of pub poker events with TABCorp throughout Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.
LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Landon dealing in one of the very first pub poker trial events hosted in Melbourne, held merely weeks before the ‘Great Australian Poker Boom’ (2005)


Career Milestones

  • Employed at Crown Melbourne as a croupier, coded in dealing Blackjack, Pontoon, Sic Bo and Big Wheel.

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FULL HOUSE: Packed to the rafters at the DPA Championship in Port Melbourne (2010)

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